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Alpine fosters a culture designed for advancement and collaboration. As a premium Tier 1 automotive supplier, we develop our technical expertise to synchronize with our OEM partners. Employing 300 talented and bright individuals in North America alone means growth is to be expected.

  • Priya

  • Sales & Technology Account Manager
  • With Alpine Since: 2014
  • Favorite Alpine Product: Jeep Wrangler Subwoofer

As an Account Manager, I enjoy brainstorming with key project stakeholders, such as the Project Managers and Chief Engineers. I’m proud to contribute to the growth of Alpine with my first new sourcing of an ICS system on a GM vehicle program. With teams both in Detriot and Iwaki, the team here helped take down walls to help us accomplish our goals. I am very proud to be part of such a team. Though the company is built on some great Japanese core values and working style, Alpine integrates an advanced North American culture that considers the importance of family and personal time with a structured flexible schedule to fit your lifestyle.

  • Mirna

  • Manager - Sales Administration
  • With Alpine Since: 2010
  • Favorite Alpine Product: Headphones

I enjoy that I never have a dull moment at my job! It’s a great environment for working, learning and bringing in new ideas and innovations to improve the work flow. I’m proud of being part of improving the department communication and environment. As part of the Big 3 group, it’s rewarding to contribute to the launch of several new GM programs. I enjoy working with my co-workers, those I see on a daily basis, as well as those I interact with at other Alpine locations. I’m proud of the knowledge I’ve gained during my experience here.

  • Doug

  • Systems Engineer
  • With Alpine Since: 2011
  • Favorite Alpine Product: OEM Amplifiers

As a systems engineer and change management lead, I like being exposed to all the different aspects of product development: engineering, quality, sales, administration, and manufacturing. At Alpine, you have the freedom to really find your fit within your team and orgnanization. To an extent, you can define your own ways of adding value. Management provides guidance and is not overly strict. A project accomplishment has been the support of a new production line launch in China – an opportunity usually assigned to a senior engineer – and I was proud to be chosen for the trip.

  • Kancy

  • With Alpine Since: 2009
  • Favorite Alpine Product: OEM systems for BMW

Most people are familiar with Alpine's aftermarket products, so as part of the OEM team, I enjoy sharing at car shows or dealers that a system is built by Alpine. My favorite Alpine product is of course the OEM systems for BMW, which is my project. For aftermarket, AVN head units with Bluetooth and CE Applications are also very impressive. I’m given a lot of opportunities to show my abilities along with encouragement to extend my knowledge in the field. I’m currently leading an eight engineer team validating a BMW multimedia navigation system. I have a very supportive team and manager as well many friends at Global Alpine (US, Japan, Germany).

  • Dave

  • New Model Supervisor
  • With Alpine Since: 2007
  • Favorite Alpine Product: Navigation Systems

I enjoy working with great people within a culturally diverse and ever-changing environment of automotive audio. I get the opportunity to be part of a company that’s a core provider of this technology. As consumers demand continual improvements, the supplier is challenged with advancing product innovation and evolution, which is exciting. As a project manager, I’m proud to be part of the development and launch of our Honda OEM products, along with the relationships I’ve made over nine years at Alpine.

  • Marina

  • Project Engineer, Product Evaluation
  • With Alpine Since: 2007
  • Favorite Alpine Product: Honda Navigation System

The work in Alpine is very challenging, never boring with always an opportunity for growth. It is very exciting to work with state of the art technology and learn something new everyday. I'm very proud to have had a major role in all the projects we do with Honda. I've had a rich engineering career and would put my position here at Alpine as #1.

  • Jude

  • Quality Supervisor
  • With Alpine Since: 2013
  • Favorite Alpine Product: Subwoofers & Next-Generation Head-Units

Working in quality means that every day is constantly changing. It's great to work on the next generation technology and directly see the impact of my work. Alpine is very employee driven and the atmosphere is welcoming as I work with some amazing people. I enjoy that I get to work with people of different backgrounds and disciplines and get to bond with them while tackling a difficult project together or working to deliver quick repairs to the market. I'm exposed to technology that helps me grow as an engineer.

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Alpine's leading edge technology requires a commitment to learning and developing. Our reputation for innovation in Mobile Media, Research and Development, Information and Communications Equipment and Entertainment Products is synonymous with high-performance quality. This standard to excel is built into our products, as well as the employee culture. We'll guide you on the map when you bring the drive to go further.


Alpine offers competitive salaries with a great work environment and an excellent benefits package that includes:

  • Group PPO Health Benefits (medical/dental/vision)
  • Life/AD&D Plan
  • Short Term/Long Term Disability (STD/LTD)
  • Retirement Plan (401(k))
  • Flexible Spending Accounts
  • Wellness Incentives/Activities/Coaching
  • Bonus
  • PTO (Paid Time Off) and Holidays
  • Flexible Work Hours and 9/80 work schedule
  • Employee Assistance Program
  • Employee Product Purchase Discounts