10" X-Series Dual 4Ω Subwoofer




10" X-Series Dual 4Ω Subwoofer


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The Ultimate Sound Imaging

Product Overview

The powerful X-Series subwoofers combine groundbreaking Alpine technologies along with modern, exaggerated design and components to give you a high-performance subwoofer.


  • Impressive Output – A powerful, motor comprised of a premium, elongated voicecoil and triple stacked ferrite magnets reproduce the bass you crave
  • Unprecedented Accuracy – The unmatched 48mm of total excursion is controlled by a dual spider, and the iconic HAMR Surround 
  • Install Friendly Design – The overbuilt motor allows a small box requirement while the locking trim ring ensure a beautiful fit and finish

Tech SpecsArrow

General Specs:
Size: 10”
Dimensions: 9.875” x 9.875” x 6.875”
Frequency Response: 26Hz - 200Hz
Power Range: 450W - 900W RMS
Power Handling: 900W RMS / 2700W Peak
Magnet Weight: 174 oz (x3)
Voice Coil Diameter: 65.5 mm (2.6”)

Recommended Amps:
Good: S-A60M
Better: R-A75M
Best: X-A90M

Thiele-Small Parameters

Box Specs

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Owner's Manual

Application Guide (English)

Owner's Manual

Application Guide

Impressive Output

Alpine’s X-Series subwoofers are designed to deliver a loud output while still maintaining the details of your music, so you get the best of both worlds. The X-W10D4 can perform up to 900-watts for a powerful, loud performance. Built with a powerful motor comprised of a premium, elongated voice coil and triple stacked ferrite magnets, you’ll get the most air movement from your sub resulting in accurate sound reproduction for the bass you crave.

Unprecedented Accuracy

While some subwoofer systems focus on volume or clarity, the X-W10D4 gives you both power and accuracy for the clearest imaging in your music. In order to achieve this, Alpine created groundbreaking technology that controls the 48mm of total excursion and cone motion. Dual spiders in the cone ensure a rigid movement that keeps the cone under control. Alpine’s High Amplitude Multi-Roll (HAMR) surround technology is made of rubber to allow the cone to move air while staying cool. These technologies work together to eliminate unnecessary movement and noise that can lead to distortion for the most accurate sound.
The Bass You Crave

Install-Friendly Design

The overbuilt motor and high-controlled suspension in the X-W10D4 allows a small box requirement that can be either sealed or ported based on the desired bass experience. The X-W10D4 has a twist-lock trim ring for easy attachment to the included metal mesh grill. The locking trim ring features an Alpine logo and conceals the mounting screws for a premium fit and finish to your subwoofer enclosure.

Strong Construction

The X-W10D4 was built to handle the loudest music and roughest ride. The subwoofer has a cast aluminum frame and HAMR rubber surround that supports and protects the pulp-mica cone so the subwoofer can move a large quantity of air yet maintain its accuracy.

Alpine: Image Defined

Alpine took the guesswork out of complete sound system building with Alpine Image Defined (ID), an approach to creating sound system “families” that include matching core components that complement each other for the ultimate sound imaging.

Tuned for X-Series

The X-W10D4 can we wired in parallel for a 2Ω to get the most optimized performance from the X-A90M Mono Power Density Amplifier for the best results in your sound system. With 900-watts RMS of power performance, the X-W10D4 benefits from the clean output and low distortion of the X-A90M for the most accurate sound imaging.
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