Anti-Reflective Screen Protector for the Alpine Halo9



Anti-Reflective Screen Protector for the Alpine Halo9


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Product Overview

Shield your Alpine Halo9 from visible damage and smudges with the Anti-Reflective KTX-HF9 Screen Protector. 


  • Direct-fit screen protector for the Alpine Halo9
  • Fits the iLX-F259 and iLX-F309 9-inch screen
  • Anti-fingerprint film
  • Anti-reflective film
  • Includes screen applicator tool, microfiber cloth, and dust removal sticker

Tech SpecsArrow

Material: Plastic
Warranty: 1 Year

Ultra-Light Material

The KTX-HF9 is made from thin, plastic material making the screen protector light and preserving the sensitivity of the touchscreen so touch and movement is transferred accurately for a flawless touchscreen experience.

Anti-Fingerprint Technology

Oils and dirt from fingerprints can leave smudges on the screen, lowering visibility. The anti-fingerprint technology of the KTX-HF9 keeps your screen looking new with no thumbprints or smudges for enhanced visibility and functionality.

Hi-Visibility Screen Protector

Driving in high sun-lit areas can compromise the visibility of your head unit’s screen. The KTX-HF9 is anti-reflective and ensures full visibility on your screen no matter the driving conditions.

Easy Application

The KTX-HF9 comes with an installation kit for easy, at-home screen application. The kit includes a microfiber cloth and dust removal sticker to ensure your head unit is clean before screen application. The screen applicator tool is included to prevent uneven application and bubbling behind the screen.

Optimized for Halo9

The KTX-HF9 is designed to perfectly match the sleek lines and tapered edges of the Alpine Halo9. The screen protector follows the delicate curves of the screen to ensure a seamless fit and finish without adding extra bulk.
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