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I'm having iPhone 5 compatibility issues.

Update Post 12/5/12

Alpine products listed below work fine with iPhone 5 but require the use of the existing Alpine cable in combination with the Apple Lightning to 30-pin adapter. We have verified that this combination works (with the exception of video).

Update Post 10/2/12

This firmware update is specifically intended for users with the Alpine INE-Z928HD and INE-S920HD AVN Systems and the IVE-W535HD AV Receiver. One firmware update per unit. This is not a navigation map update. If you are not sure if you need this update, please contact customer service for help.

INE-Z928HD and INE-S920HD Advanced Beta Firmware Update v1.19 Content

  • iPod music playback via USB connection with iPhone 5
  • Steering Wheel Control function update
  • My Favorites auto pairing function
  • Play/pause status icons with play control for streaming music

IVE-W535HD Advanced Beta Firmware Update v1.01 Content

  • iPod music playback via USB connection with iPhone 5
  • Play/pause status icons with play control for streaming music

Download instructions here:

1) Unzip the downloaded update file folder to a freshly formatted USB memory (thumb drive). Do not change the file folder name. The update file folder should be the only thing on the USB memory.

2) Turn on your ignition, and connect USB memory to the USB connector of the INE-Z928HD, INE-S920HD or IVE-W535HD

3) Press “OK” button when update message appears on the screen. During the update, a progress bar will appear. It will take about 15 minutes to complete. DO NOT turn off your car's ignition during the update process.

4) When the firmware update is finished, your INE-Z928HD, INE-S920HD or IVE-W535HD will restart automatically.

5) Turn off the vehicle's ignition, remove the USB memory device and turn the ignition back on to finalize the firmware update. Confirm the firmware version number displayed as “1.19” or “1.01” (depending on your unit) in the Setup Menu of the INE-Z928HD, INE-S920HD or IVE-W535HD

INE-Z928HD: Version 1.19 Firmware Update

INE-S920HD: Version 1.19 Firmware Update

INE-W535HD: Version 1.01 Firmware Update

Posted 9/21/12

Alpine conducted a quick compatibility test with the iPhone 5 and found that certain AV, AVN and Digital Media Receiver products are not able to playback iPhone music over the USB connection. Customers can, however, continue to listen to music from Pandora, or access their iPhone's music library wirelessly via Bluetooth® Wireless Technology.*

In addition, it has been reported that Bluetooth streaming meta data and control is no longer functional with iOS 6. We are working to verify all models affected.

Alpine's engineering teams have begun detailed evaluation and specification confirmation and we will provide updated information as soon as investigations are finalized. Compatibility with other Alpine products is being verified and will also be confirmed later.

As of 9/21/2012, Alpine products verified not compatible with the iPhone 5 are:

Issue: No iPod / iPhone Music over USB

Models Effected: INE-S920HD, INE-Z928HD, IVE-W535, iDAX305S, iDA-X305, iDA-X100, and iDA-X001

We will continue to update you regarding compatibility