How do I set the clock on the INA-W900 or INA-W900BT?

The navigation receiver automatically updates the time settings. The correct time zone needs to be selected in the navigation's Setup Menu. If the time is off an hour the daylight savings time feature needs to be turned on in the navigation system. To turn on this setting the first step is to enter the navigation setup menu. The lockout function does apply to the Setup Menu. To enable the Setup Menu, your vehicle must be parked with the ignition key in the ACC or ON position. To do this follow the procedure below: 1. Bring your vehicle to a complete stop at a safe location. Engage the parking brake. 2. Push the foot brake. Keeping the foot brake pushed in, release the parking brake, and then engage the parking brake again. 3. Release the foot brake. To get to the Setup Menu go to the main mapping screen and press the icon that looks like a wrench. Scroll down and select the regional settings. Click on the settings for clock (it should say either 12hr or 24hr next to it). Once you are in that menu you can check or uncheck the setting for Daylight Savings. Also be sure the correct time zone is selected.