VPA-B222Audio/Video Control System

VPA-B222Audio/Video Control System

CEA-2006 Power Rating: 18W x 4
Max Power Output: 50W x 4

Factory Look. Alpine Performance.

The Alpine VehicleHub Pro lets you add aftermarket components such as amps or processors to your factory installed system, regardless of vehicle brand and dashboard configurations.


Price: U.S. $499.95
(Now Available)

Professional installation available at authorized retailers.

You can continue to use your factory equipment, but use the Orb, advanced command unit, to control your entire system. Possibilities to expand are extraordinary, you can even create a full 5.1 surround system by adding one of Alpine's multi-channel processor PXA-H701. The best part is, you won't lost any of your factory functions like telephone or navigation, and you won't need to permanently remove any of your stock display. Maintain your dash and still upgrade your system, all for an affordable price!

Product Awards

2006 Innovations Award

This product was honored in the Best of Innovations Design and Engineering Awards competition. This annual competition is sponsored by the Consumer Electronics Association (CEA). Products are judged on evaluation criteria that include engineering qualities, the product's intended use/function, unique/novel features, the product's ability to improve the company, and aesthetic and design qualities.

Full Speed Connection for iPod lets you enjoy all your favorite iPod tracks on the road. View Playlist, artist, album, and song search right on the screen of your head unit. There's no need for bulky interface boxes, just a cable (KCE-422i) that connects your iPod directly to your Alpine. Forget FM transmitters and forget static, hollow sound. Full Speed Connection also supports Apple lossless playback. With Alpine, you can take your iPod on the road and sound good while you're doing it. You can even enjoy the music on your Apple iPhone using the Full Speed Connection.