SWR-843D8" Subwoofer (4Ω + 4Ω)


Speaker Rating:
Max RMS Power Capacity: 300W
Peak Power Capacity: 900W

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  • Product view
Plays Louder. Plays Cleaner. Plays Longer.

These redesigned, fourth-generation Type-R subwoofers include several enhanced features to achieve even cleaner, deeper bass extension, faster, more accurate transients and even greater output capability than before.

(Sold as single woofer)

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Price: U.S. $180.00
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Extreme bass fits in more places

The Type R Subs have been completely redesigned to offer more installation flexibility and application versatility, for the ideal sound system. At 5-7/8" for the 10” and 6-3/8" for the 12”, these new designs offer a near 20% reduction in mounting depth, while offering even greater output capability. The new 8”models come in at a scant 4-1/2“ deep, allowing fitment into the tiniest of spaces.

Extreme bass fits in more places

More Excursion = More Output

The new FEA-Optomized Motor Structure together with our revolutionary High-Amplitude Multi Roll (HAMR) Suspension Design gives the new Type-R Subwoofers the highest X-max and SPL output in the category.

With a real-world, measured 21mm (14mm) of Xmax, the new Type R Subwoofers deliver best-in-class output, ultra-low distortion, and unparalleled sound quality.

More Excursion = More Output (view 1)

More Excursion = More Output (view 2)

These two graphs are from the industry standard measuring system, Klippel which illustrates the excursion of the subwoofer both relative to the strength of the magnet system, and the stiffness and linearity of the suspension.

More Motor Force = More Control

More Excursion = More Output (view 2)Starting with a new 10 piece, segmented magnet structure, the new Type-R subwoofer has over 20% more motor force than its predecessor. (The 6 piece segmented, double-stacked magnet structure proves incredible motor force to while ensuring linear, low-distortion output even at high levels.) This new magnet assembly is also an integral part of the next generation of Alpine’s Patented Radial Vented VC cooling system.

Keep it Cool = Keep it Playing

Alpine’s Patented Radial Vented VC Heatsink and Airflow Management System (US Patent #7,634,101) helps to minimize power compression and ensures reliable long playing time by actively eliminating output-robbing heat away from the Voice Coil. The new one-piece cast aluminum frame with integrated shorting sleeve uses the entire frame as a heatsink, to allow for sustained power output and handling, even in the most extreme of applications.

FEA Optimized = Maximum Linearity

Alpine’s Patented Compound Radius Curve pole geometry (US Patent # 6,639,993) ensure for an ultra symmetrical magnetic field, while optimizing flux density to greatly reduce distortion, while further improving power handling and output. Furthermore, the massive one-piece cast aluminum shorting ring helps tame sound quality robbing distortions, greatly improving sound quality for tight, accurate bass.

Improved Power Handling

The oversized 65 mm voice coil offers more than 35% more voice coil surface area, allowing for increased power handling to 600W RMS / 1800W Peak. The large 40mm 4-layer voice coil offers increased surface area to keep things cool, even at sustained power levels as high as 350W RMS / 1000W Peak. To get the best performance pair your Type-R subs with Alpine’s new MRX and PDX digital amplifiers.

4 Unique Alpine Technologies

4 Unique Alpine Technologies

1. FEA Optimized HAMR Surround

The High-Amplitude Multi Roll Surround Design allows for extreme excursions without sacrificing valuable cone area. FEA Optimized for linearity and made with injection-molded Santoprene ®, the HAMR surround is a key part of the suspension system that allows for extreme excursions with accurate, distortion-free control.

2. FEA Optimized Spider w/reinforced Layer Spider Integration

Ensures reliable and consistent control of the tinsel-leads to eliminate any possible mechanical noises or interference typical of many high-excursion designs.

3. Redial Vented VC Heat Sink & Airflow Management System

Actively manages voice coil temperatures by forcing air directly across the heatsink system.

4. FEA Optimized Machined CRC Motor Structure

Creates a symmetrical magnetic field while optimizing flux density to greatly reduce distortion, while further improving power handling and output.