NVD-P102 Map UpdateNVD-P102 Software for NVE-P1

NVD-P102 Map UpdateNVD-P102 Software for NVE-P1
Map Update for NVE-P1

Online ordering system available in US only. Enjoy worry-free driving with turn-by-turn guidance using updated street maps and points of interests.

For Canadian residents, Please call 1-866-288-0051 to learn about pricing and/or place your order.

Price: U.S. $99.95
(Now Available)

Professional installation available at authorized retailers.

3 Simple Steps to get the Update

1.) Purchase The Update

Click on "Buy Now" and fill out order form.

2.) Send Us Your NVE-P1

  • Return your NVE-P1 using the shipping box and shipping label you will receive from Alpine.
  • Place your NVE-P1 in the box and apply the enclosed pre-paid shipping label to the box cover.

Your NVE-P1 Removable Navigation Drive with the updated software installed will be shipped back to you via UPS.

Note: The total shipping and processing time for your NVE-P1 to get updated is approximately 15 days based on average transit times.You will be able to retain the settings (eg. address book, previous destination) saved on your unit.

Note for Nonfunctioning Units: The unit (NVE-P1) you send for a map update must be fully functional and can not be damaged. If your NVE-P1 unit is not functional and/or damaged you can ship it for repair at the following location. A fixed repair charge for the amount of $125.00 is required. The Map Update (NVD-P102) is not included in the repair. Once you received the repaired (NVE-P1) unit back you may proceed to purchase the NVD-P102 Map Update.

Alpine Electronics of America, Inc.
7221 Orangewood Ave.
Garden Grove, CA 92841

Phone: 1-800-421-2284 ext. 860304
Fax: 1-714-373-4822
Hours: 8:00 A.M. - 12:00 P.M. and 1:00 P.M. - 5:00 P.M., P.S.T. Mon. - Fri.

What's Inside

This software update is a map update specifically intended for the NVE-P1 Removable Navigation Drive only. If you are not sure if you need this update, please contact customer service for help.

Updated Maps and Points of Interest

NAVTEQ® Onboard

This update provides the updated maps and points of interest from the NAVTEQ map database.

Updated maps ensure the NVE-P1 gets you to your destination faster by utilizing the newest local streets and avoiding blocked/closed ones.

Stay current with new businesses in your area with updated points of interest. Easily find your favorite places to get fuel, cash, food, lodging, coffee, and more!