PND-K3msnPortable Navigation System

PND-K3msnPortable Navigation System

Connected Navigation Made Simple

Now get smarter updates via MSN Direct™, including traffic information, weather, gas prices, movie times, news, local event information, and even stock prices, all on the go!

Price: U.S. $299.95
(Now Available)

Professional installation available at authorized retailers.

Quick Overview

  • MSN Direct™ Updates1
  • OnPoint™ Advanced GPS Positioning
  • 4.3” Wide High-Resolution Touch Screen
  • Pre-loaded Map Coverage Across the U.S. and Canada, Including Hawaii, Alaska, Puerto Rico, and Virgin Islands2
  • Alternate 3D Map View
  • 8 Distinct Selectable Map/Menu Color Schemes
  • Turn-by-turn Voice Guidance (New! Announces Street Names During Route)
  • Bluetooth® Wireless Technology
  • SD Card slot for MP3/WMA Music Playback
  • Easy-to-use Windshield and Dashboard Mount
  • English, Spanish and French Support (Menus and Voice Guidance)
  • 1Some services available only in select cities where coverage exists. See MSN Direct for current coverage maps.

    2Full US and Canada coverage include only roads and regions that have been mapped in a digitized format.

    Full Map Coverage

    View comprehensive pre-loaded maps of the U.S and Canada, including Hawaii, Alaska, Puerto Rico, and the Virgin Islands. Choose from multiple map display modes so you always get a clear view of the road ahead. In arrow mode, you’ll be greeted with easy-to-read arrows, each time a turn lies ahead. In map mode, get a full-screen map of the area.

    Accuracy? OnPoint™ has your back.

    Don’t fall behind with older, slower navigation systems. The PND-K3msn’s built-in speedy processor means faster route calculations, search results, map loading and zooming. Fast GPS reception lets you get on the road faster Three Advanced positioning sensors yield more accurate vehicle position so your navigation can pinpoint where you are and get you exactly where you want to go, even when driving through tunnels and around tall buildings.

    Go To… Your Destination

    Can’t figure out where to go? With over 6 million points of interest available as “Places” to go, you can find your next destination in no time. There are multiple ways to narrow down your locations , from those that are near you, within your city, or along your route – it’s easy to find the place that’s convenient for you. You can choose to turn on selectable map icons, which will show you places by type – such as restaurants, airports, attractions, gas pick the place!

    Any Place, Any Time.

    Can’t figure out where to go? With over 6 million points of interest available as “Places” to go, you can find your next destination in no time. There are multiple ways to narrow down your locations , from those that are near you, within your city, or along your route – it’s easy to find the place that’s convenient for you. You can choose to turn on selectable map icons, which will show you places by type – such as restaurants, airports, attractions, gas pick the place!

    Map It!

    Get a more realistic perspective by viewing streets from a 3-dimensional perspective. With multiple map orientation views, you an select from 3D, North-Up, and Heading-Up, whichever view works best for you. Plus, you can toggle from Arrow mode to Map Mode, whether you simply prefer three successive arrow maneuvers all the way to your destination, or a full-screen map of the area. It’s up to you.

    Need a Guide?

    Turn up the volume and let K3 lead the way with turn-by-turn voice directions that speak street names (example: “Turn Left on Main Street”)

    If you’re more of a visual person, view turn-by-turn guidance arrows right from the screen to anticipate the roads ahead.

    Back Button

    Instead of starting all over from the search menu, simply press the Back button on the receiver to go back one step. Works just like your iPod! When you are playing a song if you press the back button it will take you back to the place in the menu where you selected the song.

    Your Color

    Customize your settings and select from eight different menu and map color schemes. It’s OK to feel aqua one day and ruby the next!

    Your Places

    Search places near you, near your destination, within your city, or better yet, only places located along your route! Let PND-K3msn narrow down your selections to places that are most convenient for you.

    Your Home

    Saving your home location is a snap! A convenient home button is always accessible from the main menu, so you can route yourself back home no matter where you are.

    Your History

    Your recent destinations are automatically saved under your “History”. Pull up your “History” list to quickly go to your previous destinations.

    Your Settings

    View only what you want to see on your maps, by turning map icons on/off. If all you want to see are restaurants, turn the restaurant icon on. You can also adjust the volume of the voice guidance prompts or even turn it off if you prefer just visual guidance.

    Your Language

    The PND-K3msn is multi-lingual. Select from the language you are comfortable with. Choose from English, Spanish, and French. You can even set the units of measure to miles or kilometers (Canadian-friendly).

    Your Address Book

    Save locations you frequently visit in your own address book, You can even select from a variety of icons to associate each address entry.

    Your Music

    For those who can’t live without it, now you’ve got music, too! You can load an SD card (sold separately) with all your favorite music and stick it in the available slot on the PND-K3msn. You can view your music info and skip to the tracks you like. Now you know where you’re going and you’ve got additional music to keep you company.

    Your Dashboard

    View info details like the average speed and driving time from your personal dashboard. You can always check on your GPS status right from your unit, so you know exactly how your GPS Coverage is doing based upon where you are at.

    Boost your Navigation with MSN Direct!

    Get access to a new realm of information – from current traffic data, gas prices, movies, to news; you’ll have the 411 wherever you go! The best part is, once you find it, you can have it set as your destination, and it's easy as hitting Go! to have your PND-K3msn route you there.


    View traffic info along your route! If there’s traffic, let PND-K3msn help you detour around it. View a convenient incident list to scroll through incidents occurring in your area so you can find ways around traffic-free.

    Gas Prices

    With rising gas prices, it’s nice to know you can scope your area out for more economical options. View gas prices, so you know how much you’ll expect to pay wherever you go. The PND-K3msn gives you the option to sort by price or distance.


    Want to find out whether to break out the umbrella or make plans for that perfect sunny day? Now you’ve got weather updates to keep you in the know. A three-day forecast tells you how sunny it will be the next few days and you can even check non-local cities.

    Movie Times

    Let’s go out to the movies! Get movie descriptions, and show times nearby. You can search by movie title if you've already got a movie you've been waiting to see, or by movie theater if you just want to see what's playing at a theater near you.

    News and Alerts

    On the go, but want the latest news? Now get alerted with news updates right from your car.


    Keep up with the rise and fall. Choose and view the latest stock prices you want to keep track of.

    Local Events

    Looking for a concert, play, or a sports event? See what local events are going on around you.

    Send to GPS

    Now you can conveniently add destinations from the comfort of your home computer via Live Search Maps, and send your locations directly to the PND-K3msn! Save time, so when you’re ready to roll out, all your locations are already there.

    Free Trial!

    Did we mention the word free? Yup, your PND-K3msn comes with three months of free MSN® Direct service. No need for any additional adapters or boxes, it’s built in, so you’re ready to go. If you like using it after 3 months, MSN Direct service is available by subscription.

    Look Ma, No Hands!

    Now you can get hands-free phone conversations set up in your car. Just sync up your Bluetooth compatible cell phone to the PND-K3msn and you’re dialed in.

    Need to Make a Call?

    You can access your phone functions right from the main menu. Click to open your Phonebook and find all your stored contacts from your phone, or use the 12-key dial pad for new numbers. Use call logs to access lists of recently Dialed Calls, Missed Calls, or Received Calls.

    Answer your Calls

    When your cell phone is actively paired with the PND-K3msn, a pop-up window appears when an incoming call comes in. The called ID number, if available, is displayed right from the PND-K3msn display. You can answer or ignore calls as you wish.

    It’s Automatic!

    A few automatic functions might save you some time. Turn Auto Connect on to automatically connect to the last connected phone in your vehicle. Turn Auto Answer on to automatically answer all incoming calls for you after the first ring.

    *Features: Call Logs, Phonebook access, and on-screen call info options may differe on selected phone models and service providers.

    Take the K3 for a Spin!

    Take an interactive tour and learn more about the PND-K3.