KCE-400BTBluetooth® Interface Module, Powered by Parrot

KCE-400BT<i>Bluetooth®</i> Interface Module, Powered by Parrot
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Hands Free Calling

Need to take that call? New state laws require drivers to utilize a hands-free phone solution in the car. Forget tedious headsets and earpieces, go hands and ears-free! Alpine offers the convenience of carrying phone conversations through your Alpine system.

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Price: U.S. $180.00
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Professional installation available at authorized retailers.

Hook up the KCE-400BT to enable your Bluetooth® wireless technology compatible cell phone to sync up with your head unit that is ready for Bluetooth wireless technology. That way you're completely wireless, so you're free to focus on the road.

Get full on-screen control and full hands-free functionality from your Bluetooth wireless technology compatible cell phone.

Powered by Parrot

Powered by Parrot for expanded compatibility for many Bluetooth wireless technology enabled cell phones. New software can be downloaded and installed via the Bluetooth wireless technology connection to your laptop to support future cell phone models.

>2008 carry-over head units are also compatible with the KCE-400BT in conjunction with the KWE-460E. See your local Alpine retailer for details.

Bluetooth Wireless Technology Performance

The KCE-400BT's Active Echo Cancellation technology ensures the highest-quality, noise-free sound when you're on the phone.

Advanced Functionality

The KCE-400BT features full phone book access, call history, voice tag dialing and auto answer with compatible phones.

Display of Phonebook, Received Calls, Missed Calls and Dialed Calls varies from phone to phone and by your service provider. Please visit your local Authorized Alpine Retailer to verify compatibility of your phone.

Call Someone You Know

You can make a phone call from a contact listed in your phone book using any 2009 Alpine head unit's user interface, and you can even use direct 12-key dialing on the IVA-W505 and IVA-D106 models.

Rock to music from your cell phone

Listen to songs stored on select phones through your Alpine sound system with Streaming Audio support (A2DP or AVRCP). You can even get on-screen song info, play/pause, and track up/down functions on select AVRCP enabled phones.

  • A2DP allows you to listen to the music from your cell phone and displays basic song information on-screen, such as title and artist.
  • AVRCP allows you to listen to the music from your cell phone with basic control such as play/pause and track up/down of the music on your cell phone.