KCE-236BMini Jack iPod® Full Speed Cable

KCE-236BMini Jack iPod® Full Speed Cable

For those of you who don't own an iPod, but love to rock your music on your favorite portable MP3 player, Alpine has a solution for you. Listen to music from your portable MP3 player through your Alpine 2008 Full Speed head unit or AV unit.

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Price: U.S. $19.95
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Professional installation available at authorized retailers.

Simply use the KCE-236B Aux+ cable to connect your MP3 player or your cell phone directly to your head unit, and enjoy more music playback.

  • Enjoy Audio from your favorite devices through Aux+, Alpine's Full Speed Aux-in
  • Provides Aux-in Source on all 2008 Head Units
  • Converts Full Speed to 3.5mm Stereo mini-jack
  • Comes with 3.5mm to 1.5mm mini-jack adapter (for use with mobile phones)
    *Note: select Aux+ from Setup Menu this will disable Full Speed for iPod and Bluetooth and Enable Full speed Aux-in