HCE-C117D Rear View Camera

HCE-C117D Rear View Camera
Rear View Assistance

With a rear view camera, get in and out of tight spots with ease. View objects to the rear of your vehicle with the HCE-C117D.

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Price: U.S. $149.95
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Professional installation available at authorized retailers.

The Perfect Match

The HCE-C117D is compatible with the INA-W910, INA-W900BT, INA-W900, iXA-W404, and iXA-W407. This direct connection ensures the highest picture quality day or night.

Easy Installation Option

The KTX-C10LP license plate frame (sold separately) is an easy way to mount the HCE-C117D camera to the rear of your vehicle.

Your Parking Assistant

Let the parking assistant put you at ease when parking your vehicle. The HCE-C117D enables you to view obstacles with a wide-view to the rear of your vehicle.