CDA-105CD Receiver / iPod® Controller

CDA-105CD Receiver / iPod® Controller

CEA-2006 Power Rating: 18W x 4
Max Power Output: 50W x 4

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Simple Music Nirvana

Enlighten your ears with heightened sound quality while enjoying music from CD's, iPods, iPhones and other portable media players!

Made for iPod & iPhone

Price: U.S. $209.95

Professional installation available at authorized retailers.

A great choice for enjoying music from CD's, iPod, or USB memory sticks, the CDA-105 also lets you use an iPhone®, plus it is ready for Bluetooth wireless technology and can be easily upgraded for IMPRINT sound. There's just about nothing that this unit won't do to make your drive more enjoyable.

The CDA-105 is the answer to your audio needs. It allows you to use an iPod or iPhone (Apple USB cable or KCU-440i required) as well as other USB memory devices in you car via a USB cable (included) connection to access all your music right from the head unit. Get convenient control so that you can scroll through all of your Playlists, Artists, Albums, and Songs - and view all your song information right from the display.

KCU-440i required: If your iPod doesn't come with a white Apple cable then the KCU-440i needs to be used to make the iPod or iPhone work with this unit.

Plug in your USB memory device and the CDA-105 will automatically identify music files while ignoring other types of files and then display them in alphabetical order. Locate songs quickly and easily with the convenient file and folder search function, QuickSearch.

Best yet, no dangling cables. Connect the USB cable to the back of the unit and run it through the glove compartment for easy accessibility and safe storage of your media device.

*Compatible with iPod 5G and iPod classic, plus all nano, touch and iPhone models.

Bluetooth® Wireless Technology


Don't fuss with or fiddle with your phone and say goodbye to uncomfortable headsets and earpieces. Get the convenience of carrying phone conversations in your car*, hands-free!

This unit is ready forBluetooth wireless technology so you can add a KCE-400BT adapter to pair up your cell phone with your head unit. Now make and take phone calls conveniently. View caller information including caller ID, missed, dialed, and received calls right from the head unit display. Use the microphone supplied with the KCE-400BT to speak, and then listen through your car's speakers. You can even set up your cell phone/head unit to automatically answer your calls. With select compatible phones with streaming audio capability, you can listen to music stored on your phone and have it stream through your Alpine system.

Quick Search


Tons of music? Find it fast! With Alpine's exclusive QuickSearch technology, you'll be able to find what you want, the quickest and easiest way possible. With so many ways to listen to thousands of songs, now you can get super-fast access to artists, songs, albums, playlists, and radio stations. Large control buttons and a rotary encoder make it easy to scroll through all your sources, including your iPod, Radio stations and CD's. No interruptions, while you search, just let the Alpine play.

Percentage Search

For especially big music libraries, Percentage Search function uses the preset buttons for quick jumps to specific parts of the list. Save yourself from scrolling through each song one by one, when you can just jump to a segment of your library with a touch of a button.

IMPRINT Sound and Expandability


Step up to IMPRINT Sound. The CDA-105 is IMPRINT ready - Just add an IMPRINT PXA-H100 audio processor for automatic sound tuning or powerful manual tuning options. Precise control and corrections yield enhanced sound so you can enjoy an optimal listening experience. IMPRINT automatically measures the entire listening area, capturing time domain and frequency response information from each listening location to process and improve the sound at every seat in your vehicle. This is a huge advantage you won't find anywhere else. The PXA-H100 also has three 4 Volt PreOuts providing the lowest noise floor for the discriminating sound enthusiast. With Dual Input capability you can even use the CDA-105's built-in 18Wx4 RMS amplifier. Of course for a true power upgrade just add-on the optional KTP-445 Power Pack to instantly increase your head unit's power to a true 45Wx4 RMS, now we're talking about some serious sound!

Satellite Radio Ready

Sirius Satellite ready

This unit is Satellite Radio Ready, (additional adapters and subscription required), so you can expand and enjoy a wider array of stations. Take your pick - with SIRIUS or XM, Alpine brings your choice of satellite radio inside your car. Add the KCA-SC100 interface for your portable SIRIUS Plug-n-Play device and get automatic Game Alert and Song Alert services, plus convenient program replay and pause functions (compatible SIRIUS portable or SC-C1 required, features vary based on feature set of selected portable)

All Digital HD Radio

HD Radio

Alpine does HD. Get all the music and programming you want to hear in crystal-clear digital format (TUA-T550HD required). FM stations with CD-quality sound, AM stations with FM-quality sound, and virtually no distortion. Multicasting technology allows access to additional free music channels provided by most major radio stations. Enjoy more talk and music content from more stations.