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Award-Winning Audio Processor Allows for Sound Tuning of Factory or Aftermarket Systems

TORRANCE, Calif., Jan. 6, 2011 – Although factory sound systems are becoming more complex, it does not mean that customization of these systems is no longer possible. To address this challenge, Alpine Electronics of America, Inc. provides several factory integration solutions, including the new PXA-H800 IMPRINT® audio processor.

IMPRINT Audio Processors
Alpine’s IMPRINT technology is a suite of advanced, automated sound tuning processes. Covering the majority of vehicles, IMPRINT takes the speaker level output from a factory head unit and provides the platform for a complete sound system upgrade. For aftermarket-based systems, IMPRINT takes analog as well as digital inputs and allows for convenient control over certain sound functions and sources through compatible Alpine head units. Alpine amplifiers, speakers and subwoofers can then be connected, for the ultimate high performance, custom-tuned sound system experience.

IMPRINT technology drives the new PXA-H800 OEM or aftermarket sound processor. IMPRINT consists of five technologies:

  • ImprintEQ, Alpine’s automatic sound tuning technology -- Using the supplied omni-directional microphone, measurements are taken from various locations in the car. The resulting data is used to automatically correct any in-car acoustical problems and then apply the desired target sound curve.
  • AntEQ, which removes the factory head unit equalization, leaving a blank slate for these subsequent steps
  • Road EQ, which automatically corrects for external noise in real time
  • MediaXpander™ Plus, which improves the playback of compressed media and restores high-frequency audio data
  • User Customization, which gives the user the option to customize the sound via manual or automatic settings – Using either the RUX-C800 controller (sold separately) or a PC with the included tuning software, manual, target curve and post process tuning can be made. The user can customize the sound traditionally by hand or automatically tune it to a desired response, while also allowing for full adjustment for fine tuning afterwards.

At this point, RCA signals are used to connect components like Alpine amps, speakers and subwoofers, via high-voltage preamp outputs. Using the 4-volt outputs results in better signal-to-noise ratio and increased output levels to all channels.

The PXA-H800 is a winner of a 2011 CES Innovations Design and Engineering Award in the In-Vehicle Control/OEM Integration category. It uses superior components, including four 24-bit high-performance Digital to Analog Converters (DAC) and a dual 32-bit floating point operation Digital Signal Processor (DSP). It has 4V outputs and a new input architecture that allows for use of the car’s factory radio volume control while maintaining fidelity.

The separate RUX-C800 in-dash controller is required for programming and stand alone use with the PXA-H800 and provides a convenient way to adjust the PXA-H800’s settings from the dash. When used with an Alpine head unit, the RUX-C800 provides control over certain sound functions and sources.

Alpine’s second IMPRINT audio processor is the PXE-H660. Now available at a lower price of $249.95, the PXE-H660 IMPRINT OEM Audio Processor enables consumers to upgrade their factory systems. Once the PXE-H660 applies the IMPRINT technology to the factory head unit, automatic sound tuning can take place and aftermarket components can be added to the system. The factory volume control can still be used for truly seamless operation, either with the included wireless remote or integrated with a factory steering wheel control adapter (if the vehicle has steering wheel control capability).

Stand-alone Factory Integration Bluetooth® Solution
The DCS-BT1 hands-free speaker brings Bluetooth wireless technology into the car. This stand-alone product clips onto the car’s window visor. A single button is used to pair the DCS-BT1 with a Bluetooth wireless technology-enabled phone, answer and end calls, and power the unit off and on. Using a unique speaker and omni-directional microphone design, the DCS-BT1 can be used even when the visor is flipped down. The DCS-BT1 has 14 hours of talk time and 400 hours of stand-by time. It supports audio streaming and voice dialing if the paired phone offers this feature.

Pricing and Availability
The PXA-H800 will be available in January, 2012 for $699.95 MAP. The RUX-C800 will also be available in April for $249.95 MAP. The PXE-H660 is available now for $249.95 MAP, and the DCS-BT1 is available now for $99.95 MAP. Alpine’s factory system integration products are available at authorized Alpine retailers. Visit to locate a retailer.

The Bluetooth®, word mark and logos are registered trademarks owned by Bluetooth SIG, Inc. and any use of such marks by Alpine Electronics, Inc. is under license. Other trademarks and trade names are those of their respective owners.

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