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Alpine Electronics of America, Inc. offers drivers a robust line up of 11 satellite radio-ready source units for SIRIUS XM Radio in 2010. Consumers can choose the Alpine source unit that best fits their needs: Audio/Video/Navigation System (INA-W900); 1-DIN Digital Media Receivers (iDA-X305S, iDA-X303); 2-DIN Digital Media Stations (iXA-407, iXA-W404); CD Receivers (CDA-117, CDA-105); 1-DIN Mobile Media Station (IVA-D106); or Marine Receivers (iDA-X100M, CDA-118M, CDA-9886M). With SIRIUS XM in the vehicle or boat, consumers can enjoy all the unbeatable entertainment they want, including commercial-free music plus live sports, exclusive entertainment, world-class news and traffic and weather information. Consumers can enjoy SIRIUS XM through any of Alpine’s compatible source units by adding a compatible tuner.

Using the Alpine KCA-SC100 SIRIUS satellite radio interface, consumers can choose one of 13 SIRIUS Portable and Dock & Play Radios along with the SiriusConnect™ Vehicle Kit (SCVDOC1) or use the SiriusConnect Vehicle Tuner (SCC1) to enjoy SIRIUS programming (separate subscription required).

To enjoy XM with an Alpine source unit, consumers can use the XM Direct2 package (CNP2000UC) that includes the XM Mini-Tuner for the integrated in-vehicle solution. The XM Mini-Tuner is a portable subscription cartridge that can be used in the car. When connected to any 2010 Ai-NET Alpine head unit, XM can be accessed with on-screen channel and song information (separate subscription required).

Whether choosing SIRIUS or XM radios and tuners, consumers can choose to subscribe to “Best of” programming packages featuring unique and premium content offered on SIRIUS or XM. These packages are all accessible and controllable by the 11 Alpine satellite radio-ready source units for SIRIUS XM in 2010.

Alpine KCA-SC100 SIRIUS Satellite Radio Interface

  • Listen to SIRIUS programming through a vehicle’s sound system with a SiriusConnect Vehicle Tuner or Dock & Play Radio and Portable Radio with a SiriusConnect Vehicle Kit.
  • Compatible SIRIUS Dock & Play and Portable Radios used with the SCVDOC1 SiriusConnect Vehicle Kit (required, and available from SIRIUS XM Radio), allow the Dock & Play and Portable Radios to be stowed away and be fully operated by the Alpine head unit.
  • Fully control the SIRIUS listening experience from the Alpine head unit or remote control.
  • Control many of the convenient features found on select SIRIUS Dock & Play and Portable Radios from the head unit or remote. Supported features include:
    • Advanced search functions of category, channel, artist name and song title.
    • Song and artist alerts for notification if a favorite song or artist is playing on SIRIUS.
    • Game alerts for notification if a pre-programmed team from the NFL, NBA, NHL or a college league is playing live on SIRIUS.
    • Replay or pause live SIRIUS content (when connected to a SIRIUS Radio or Tuner with SIRIUS Replay capabilities).

SiriusConnect Vehicle Tuner (SCC1)

  • A fixed, in-vehicle solution, the SiriusConnect Vehicle Tuner connects to the Alpine KCA-SC100 interface to broadcast SIRIUS to the Alpine head unit. SiriusConnect Vehicle Kit (SCVDOC1) • Connect and control compatible SIRIUS Dock & Play or Portable Radios directly from the Alpine head unit. Compatible with 13 SIRIUS Dock & Play and Portable Radios. XM Mini-Tuner • The XM Mini-Tuner is a portable subscription cartridge that contains the XM chipset, making it possible for subscribers to take their XM subscription from one XM Mini-Tuner compatible device to another. • The XM Mini-Tuner offers the same functionality in the home or car as provided by a fixed, non-moveable XM tuner. • The XM Mini-Tuner’s small and lightweight design makes it convenient to carry and transfer from one location to another. COMPATIBILITY, PRICING AND AVAILABILITY: SIRIUS HARDWARE The KCA-SC100 SIRIUS satellite radio interface is available through authorized Alpine dealers now for $80. It is compatible with the following current SIRIUS devices: • SCC1 SiriusConnect Vehicle Tuner (available at consumer electronics retailers nationwide) • SCVDOC1 SiriusConnect Vehicle Kit with the following SIRIUS Radios: - Stiletto 2 Portable Radio (SL2PK1) - Stiletto 10 Portable Radio (SL10PK1) - Stiletto 100 Portable Radio (SL100PK1) - Sportster 5 Dock & Play Radio (SP5TK1) - Sportster 4 Dock & Play Radio (SP4TK1) - Sportster 3 Dock & Play Radio (SP3TK1) - Starmate 5 Dock & Play Radio (ST5TK1) - Starmate 4 Dock & Play Radio (ST4TK1) - Starmate 3 Dock & Play Radio (ST3TK1) - Stratus 6 Dock & Play Radio (SDSV6V1) - Stratus 5 Dock & Play Radio (SV5TK1) - Stratus 4 Dock & Play Radio (SV4TK1) - Stratus Dock & Play Radio (SV3TK1) COMPATIBILITY AND AVAILABILITY: XM HARDWARE The XM Mini-Tuner is available at consumer electronics retailers nationwide. • Consumers need to purchase the XM Direct2 Universal Programmable Adapter Main Kit (model #CNP2000UC), which consists of an XM Mini-Tuner, Car Kit, Universal Programming Adapter, Magnetic Vehicle Antenna, and Universal Programming Cable. • The Mini-Tuner is placed in the car dock, and then the car dock is connected to the Main unit. At that point, an XM Direct2 Alpine Connection Cable with Expansion Port (model #CNPALP1, available through Audiovox) is needed to connect the XM Direct 2 Main Kit to the compatible Alpine Ai-NET head unit • The XM Direct2 Main Kit is USB adaptable for future compatibility • The XM Direct2 Main Kit and Direct to Alpine Connection cable are sold separately and are available at consumer electronics retailers nationwide Visit or for subscription and programming information. SIRIUS, XM and all related marks and logos are trademarks of SIRIUS XM Radio Inc. and its subsidiaries.

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