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Complete Line Up Offers Consumers Flexible System Building Options with PDX, V-Power and Power Pack Amplifiers

TORRANCE, Calif., Jan. 7, 2010 – For car audio enthusiasts who want maximum audio performance from their sound systems, Alpine Electronics of America, Inc., the industry-leading manufacturer of automotive mobile media solutions, today announced the company’s 2010 amplifier line up. This year’s line up features an all-new PDX amplifier series for consumers who want great sound quality and power output in a compact package.

PDX Series Digital Power Density Amplifiers
Winner of a CES Innovations 2010 Design and Engineering Award for the In-Vehicle Audio category, Alpine’s next-generation PDX amplifier series (PDX-M12, PDX-M6, PDX-F6 and PDX-F4) is designed and engineered for ultimate sound quality, power performance and reliability. The new cosmetics offer an attractive, compact package that is 20 percent thinner than the first generation. The PDX’s compact chassis is easy to hide and can easily fit in tight spaces, such as under the seat. The PDX amplifiers also are stackable, allowing for a large multi-amplifier system to be installed in a tight space.

The optional RUX-KNOB remote bass control knob plugs right in to the PDX-M12 and PDX-M6 mono models for quick direct subwoofer control to make bass adjustments on the fly.

The new PDX amplifiers incorporate a completely new power supply design with sophisticated thermal and voltage protection, low noise and high efficiency. This power supply does its work efficiently too, averaging above 90 percent efficiency at all power levels. The thermal protection circuit constantly monitors internal amplifier temperature, reducing power when necessary to keep the music playing under extreme heat and load conditions. It also can roll back power when battery voltage drops significantly under load, again preventing shutdowns under extreme conditions.

The new PDX amplifiers integrate parallel globally modulated analog feedback to maximize sonic quality. This new design results in an extremely wide, flat frequency response with ultra-low noise and distortion. The new PDX amplifiers provide superior sound quality, with extremely low distortion levels (less than 0.01 percent), very low noise (greater than 120dB at full rated power), and noticeably wide bandwidth (5Hz – 100kHz for the 4-channel models, 5Hz – 400Hz for the 5-channel model).

PDX amplifiers have an extremely high damping factor, more than 1000 for the mono models (PDX-M12 and PDX-M6) and more than 500 for the 4-channel models (PDX-F6 and PDX-F4) –twice that of the closest competitor and more than four times the class average, giving outstanding speaker control and linearity.

The PDX series is designed for easy flush installation in any custom set up. New quick-release connectors are used for both the speaker outputs and the power leads for fast installation and troubleshooting. The sleek design doesn’t compromise functionality either, with all controls and connections easily accessible and serviceable. The removable trim rings can be custom painted to match unique color schemes.

Continuing on for 2010 is the PDX-5, which provides a 5-channel offering to the PDX line up.

“The new PDX amplifiers provide exceptional sound quality and performance for the discerning car audio enthusiast. With their high efficiency packaged in an even smaller size than the previous models, we were able to build on our state-of-the-art PDX technology and make it even better,” said Mike Anderson, assistant vice president, sales and marketing, Alpine Electronics.

V-Power® Series Amplifiers
As the No. 1-selling family of amplifiers in the U.S., the V-Power amplifiers are popular and flexible choices for system building. Alpine’s V-Power series delivers high watt-per-dollar value, so that consumers get top-quality sound performance without breaking their budget. The V-Power line up also offers many model choices, making it easy to design the perfect system for nearly any customer. The line up includes the MRP-M2000, the most powerful amplifier ever made by Alpine.

Rugged heat sinks, combined with a sophisticated power management IC with intelligent temperature monitoring, ensure non-stop output and stable, reliable performance. Variable crossover and bass EQ functions provide flexible tuning possibilities.

KTP-445 Head Unit Power Pack
Consumers can add higher output and more dynamic response with this simple head unit power upgrade that fits behind the head unit in the dash of most vehicles. The KTP-445 amplifies the head unit power output, resulting in a 150 percent power increase over the original power from the head unit’s built-in amplifier. The KTP-445 uses an advanced digital design that provides an extremely clean power output with very high efficiency, making the bass tighter and highs clearer.

The KTP-445 connects to any 2005 and newer Alpine head unit that has a black power harness (it is not compatible with the CDE-100 CD receiver). It does not require additional wiring or special tuning.

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