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TORRANCE, Calif., July 27, 2009 – Alpine Electronics of America, Inc., the industry-leading manufacturer of automotive audio and navigation solutions, today announced its partnership with Kogi™ Korean BBQ-To-Go, the popular Los Angeles-based taco truck company. The two companies have joined forces to offer customers a better “street food” experience while further developing the unique Kogi community culture. The Alpine sound system will help the Kogi team entertain consumers while they wait to order and dine.

In less than a year, Kogi has taken the food industry by storm with their unique take on street tacos with Korean BBQ flair. Their fleet of trucks feeds hundreds of people per stop, with crowds lining up for more than an hour before each truck even arrives at its destination. Since the trucks park at multiple locations each day and do not follow the same daily schedule, Kogi actively uses its Web site and Twitter feed to inform the public on each truck’s schedule. Tech-savvy customers can get live Twitter updates about the status of the arrival time for each truck.

As the official audio and navigation supplier for Kogi, Alpine has outfitted the Kogi “Azul” truck with a complete audio and navigation system. The audio system is based on Alpine’s iDA-X305 Digital Media Receiver, allowing the Kogi staff to connect the unit with an iPod® or iPhone® for hours of uninterrupted music. A PDX-4.150 4-channel amplifier provides power, while an SWR-M100 subwoofer delivers bass impact. Two pairs of SPR-M700 7-inch marine-grade speakers are installed outside of the truck, to ensure that the crowd can enjoy the music during their wait. The audio system is equipped with a switch so that when the truck is on the road, the external speakers shut off and the staff inside can listen to music through a set of SPS-500 5.25-inch speakers.

A PA (public address) system was added to help announce customer orders over the music. Rounding out the system is a PND-K3msn portable navigation system with MSN Direct, which helps the Kogiâ„¢ crew get to their destinations using voice-guided driving directions and real-time traffic updates. Mike Vu and the MV Designz team installed the Alpine system.

“Kogi’s focus is to reinvent the casual on-the-street dining experience, so Alpine is helping to enhance this experience by providing music for a fun atmosphere and navigation guidance for timely truck arrivals,” said Stephen Witt, vice president, marketing, Alpine Electronics.

“Up until recently, Kogi has been able to satiate all those craving for a taco, but now with the Alpine systems in place, we’re able to bring the party to the people more efficiently, decreasing the wait time and creating memorable Kogi experiences,” said Mark Manguera, founder and CEO, Kogi Group Corporation.

The two companies are exploring several collaborative projects to expand the partnership.

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About Kogiâ„¢ Born from late-night hunger, the Kogiâ„¢ truck is a traveling Los Angeles landmark that serves up Korean Mexican tacos, day and night. Spicy Pork Tacos, Kimchi Quesadillas and Short Rib Sliders satiate the hungry mouths of Angelenos who crave excellent food on a dime budget. Quality Korean barbecue meets traditional, homemade tortillas and fresh veggies to create a taste that carries the rhythms of LA street culture and exudes the warmth of all that California sun. Under the direction of Chef Roy Choi, Kogiâ„¢ has developed a menu that delivers high-end food at street level prices. Twitter is used to communicate truck locations and Chef Roy Choi's daily specials to well over 37,000 loyal followers. Add some wheels to the mix and you've got yourself a restaurant that geographically responds to the flavor of the crowd - from Silverlake to Little Tokyo to Venice Beach. Currently Kogiâ„¢ operates 3 trucks - Azul, Verde and Roja - and fresh out of the kitchen at the Alibi Room in Culver City. Curious about the quirky food and tech-driven culture that captured everyone's attention? Interested in finding out what helped create a cult favorite? Follow our blog at or our Twitter feed @kogibbq.

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