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TORRANCE, Calif., Jan. 7, 2008 – With more states now enacting laws requiring hands-free cell phone usage, consumers need to be more focused than ever on having in-vehicle Bluetooth solutions for their communication and entertainment devices. Alpine Electronics of America, Inc., the industry-leading manufacturer of automotive mobile media solutions, has the answer: the new eX-10 Advanced iPod® Controller with Bluetooth®. The eX-10 is a new dash-top solution for iPod playback and Bluetooth connectivity that works with any vehicle’s FM radio system. The eX-10 is a no-installation product that consists of a 2.4-inch full color display unit that sits on top of the dash, a remote control and a power module that plugs into the vehicle’s cigarette lighter.

“With Alpine’s eX-10, consumers can add full iPod command and control plus Bluetooth hands-free usage and streaming audio to any car stereo. It really doesn’t get any easier than this,” said Stephen Witt, vice president, marketing and product planning, Alpine Electronics.

eX-10 Advanced iPod Controller with Bluetooth
The eX-10 is a winner of a CES Innovations 2008 Design and Engineering Award, for the In-Vehicle Control/OEM Integration category. It is Alpine’s first portable audio product and first plug- and-play iPod device. The eX-10 connects to any iPod with a dock connector via Alpine’s own KCE-422i Full Speed™ Connection for iPod cable (included). If the iPod displays album art, this art will be shown on the eX-10’s screen. The iPod music is played back through the car’s sound system via the built-in FM transmitter or line output jack.

The eX-10 also delivers upon Alpine’s renowned sound quality. The eX-10 allows users to pick one of 10 equalizer presets (such as Pop, Rock, Jazz/Blues or Hip Hop/Rap) for custom sound, depending on the listener’s music preferences. The supplied remote control offers full control of the iPod, allowing the iPod to be safely stored away and charged while driving. A thumb jog dial on the side of the remote is used to navigate through the iPod files. The remote lets users scroll by Song, Artist, Album, Playlist, Podcast, Audiobook, Composer and Genre. The remote’s “View” button brings up three screen choices that show combinations of song, artist and album artwork. Familiar iPod controls like “Shuffle” and “Back” have dedicated buttons on the remote.

The combination of iPod and Bluetooth capabilities in one plug-and-play unit makes the eX-10 a unique and convenient device. Users will no longer have to buy two separate devices to use both their iPod and hands-free Bluetooth services in their vehicle. The eX-10 can control a Bluetooth-enabled phone or device, allowing for a hands-free conversation to be played through the car’s speakers. Phone features such as “Phonebook List,” “Missed Calls,” “Received Calls” and “Dialed Calls” are accessible through the eX-10 and are displayed on the unit’s screen.

The growing popularity of streaming music playback from Bluetooth devices has created a new demand for this type of music storage, and the eX-10 is ready to meet this need. If the phone or device has the A2DP protocol, music can be streamed from it to the eX-10, then played through the car’s sound system. Devices with AVRCP further allow for “Track Up,” “Track Down,” “Play” and “Pause” functions to be controlled via the eX-10’s remote control.

The on-dash monitor measures 3.5 inches x 2.14 inches with a 2.4-inch color TFT display. The monitor attaches to an articulated mounting base, but can be removed from the base for anti-theft purposes. The eX-10’s convenient size allows it to be mounted in a variety of locations within the vehicle, giving users extreme flexibility and convenience.

Pricing and Availability
The eX-10 is available now at authorized Alpine retailers for a $230 SRI. Contest In support of the eX-10 launch, Alpine is hosting an online competition at Individual musicians and bands of all genres from the U.S. and Canada are encouraged to upload up to five songs in the online contest. Friends, family and music enthusiasts are invited to check out the artists’ music and to vote for their favorite artist. The top-ranked artist(s) at the end of the contest will be awarded a complete car stereo system for its member/s. Total prizes are valued at more than $18,000. The contest runs from Jan. 3 – March 31, 2008. Visit for more details.

About Alpine Electronics
Alpine Electronics is a global supplier of automotive mobile media solutions including audio, video, satellite-linked navigation and portable device connectivity systems for original equipment and aftermarket applications. Alpine is at the forefront of vehicle entertainment and information system innovation, with many first-to-market technologies such as portable navigation that docks into an in-dash unit, iPod® integration, full-range digital amplification and automated acoustical correction sound systems.

With manufacturing and R&D facilities in Japan, China, Europe and North America, and more than 1,600 global patents, Alpine’s premium sound systems and user-friendly navigation products combine the latest in advanced technology with an enhanced user experience. Alpine is a consolidated subsidiary of Alps Electric Co., Ltd., one of the world’s premier manufacturers of electronic components for computer, communications and car electronics equipment. Visit to learn more about Alpine products or to find an authorized retailer.

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